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Installation Instructions

Step 1: Open your box 😊🐶

Check if all items (Kvisp seat, Harness, and Mounting Adapter Set are included

Step 2: Read the instructions manual closely

Step 3: Install your mounting adapter

Check the detailed mounting instructions for different types of bikes in the manual 

For regular Dutch style bikes (regular adapter) go to step 3A, for mountain bikes (A-head Adapter) go to step 3B. Both adapter are included in your Kvisp box.

Step 3A: For regular Dutch style bikes (regular adapter)

Check this video to see how to easily install your adapter

Make sure your mounting adapter is fixed tight so the seat can't move out of place while riding

Step 3B: For mountain bikes (A-head adapter)

Instead of mounting the adapter like in step 3A, follow the detailed instructions to the right carefully

Make sure your mounting adapter is fixed tight so the seat can't move out of place while riding

Step 4: Install your Kvisp seat on the mounting adapter

Easily mount and unmount your seat in between rides

Make sure both pins are all the way through the mounting bracket's holes

Step 5: Enjoy the ride together 

Before your first ride, let your dog get accustomed to the seat by walking around with him/her in the seat and giving them a treat

Please note the experience of getting on and off your bike might be different with the seat installed. Try getting on and off a few times without your dog in the seat to get used to this new dynamic.

When you start out riding, try biking short rides first so you and your dog can get used to your new biking experience.

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Janet & Guido
Founders of Kvisp

Please thoroughly read and understand the instructions manual before placing a pet in the Kvisp seat. Neglecting these guidelines may lead to severe injury. By using the Kvisp pet seat on your bicycle, you acknowledge your awareness and comprehension of all safety warnings and instructions. Be aware that transporting a pet by bicycle inherently carries risks, similar to those faced while cycling. Urban Dog Mobility B.V. (Kvisp) bears no responsibility for injuries that may occur. This product is strictly for use by skilled adult cyclists confident in their riding abilities. The Kvisp seat is designed solely for casual, non-intensive riding. Engaging in aggressive or extreme cycling activities with your pet aboard significantly increases the risk of injury.

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